About Us

Sara Martin, owner and founder of You've Got it Maid, is a professional cleaner with over 8 years of cleaning experience in commercial and residential cleaning. 


When you hire You've Got it Maid for your cleaning services, you will leave a lasting impression with friends, family or clients while maintaining a relationship with your cleaners.

Our clients love us because:

[] 2 cleaners for quicker cleaning
[] Excellent customer service
[] Bonded and Insured
[] Leave a lasting impression


5 reasons why you should hire professional cleaners:

1. Saves you time
Image the extra time you can spend with your family or friends when you leave the dirty work to us!

2. Saves you energy
New parent? Senior? New business? Having a professional cleaner makes it easier for you to focus your energy on more important things.

3. Do you hate cleaning?
A lot of people hate cleaning or don't know how to properly clean. We know the tips and tricks to clean quickly and effectively. 

4. Missed a spot? 
We clean spots you forget or don't even think about as we run through our checklist.

5. Make a lasting impression
A clean home or business creates a positive environment and lasting impression on friends and clients.