Commercial Cleaning

We have continuously provided businesses with a wide-range of solutions for their cleaning needs. We offer a comprehensive list of services that work around any business’s schedule and support their needs. It brings us joy to aid companies with a safe and clean atmosphere for their employees and clientele.

Every business has a unique set of needs that are tailored to their company and their clientele. So why not have a cleaning service that holds these needs in high regard as well? It is of the utmost importance to us that we meet your company’s requests. We accommodate our customers so that they can have a positive work environment.

We have constantly maintained our reputable reputation in commercial cleaning by having a positive work ethic, listening to our clients needs and delivering to their needs and requests in a timely and efficient while maintaining the quality that drives their business toward success. You can imagine what a client or employee would think if they enter in a commercial space that is not well maintained and does not exude a vibrant, clean and fresh atmosphere.

You will find below some of the commercial services that You've Got it Maid offers, however we also cater to specific needs so feel free to call us at 403-305-4938 to get more information:

Cleaning for Restaurants, Pubs, Food Chains etc

When people walk into a restaurant they expect cleanliness since they will envision how their food is being prepared. When choosing our company you can be assured that you are picking a very reliable and trustworthy company. We have an extensive hiring process to insure that only the best are hired and in turn you will receive the best possible service in the industry.

Cleaning for Health and Medical Centers

Cleaning of health facilities is not only a requirement but a necessity to eliminate bacteria and unwanted agents to keep a safe and healthy environment. Additional care is therefore required within health facilities so you cannot trust just any cleaning company.  We have proven through good reviews and feedback we received that our attention to detail and overall sanitation process is successful and leaves our customers happy.

Cleaning for Homes, Hotels and Apartments

Maintaining cleanliness in you home or apartment is a requirement to keep a healthy environment for you and your family. It is also important that hotels feel clean and comfortable for each and every guest. Our staff specializes in every aspect of cleaning to meet the demands of every guess that visits. From the entrance to the sleeping quarters we will take care of it all. We will help you maintain repeat guest and great online reviews.

 Cleaning for Schools & Child Care Facilities

Children deserve a safe and clean environment to reside while their parents are away. Germs can run ramped in facilities that care for children, however with our cleaning method and sanitizing products we can help keep germs at bay.

Cleaning for Gyms and Fitness Facilities

With all the extensive exercise that takes place at these centers residue of sweat takes its place on equipment and all that surrounds it. With us you can be guaranteed that you will have the healthiest facility around. We will clean everything from equipment to showers.

Our company is dependable and responsible. We only hire the best to serve you and maintain your business to your specifications. Our goal is to clean and sanitize every area while using the best products on the market that remains healthy and safe.